How Crestron Home Is Bridging The Gap

In September 2019 Crestron launched their revolutionary new platform, Crestron Home. Three years in development with a healthy R&D budget to suit this new product was aimed at bridging the gap between the über luxe, totally bespoke and custom Crestron world in which it has reigned supreme for 20+ years and the world of off-the-shelf or semi configurable automation systems such as Control4.

…and 9 months in, it’s doing well. Really well.

First let’s address the differences between Crestron Custom and Crestron Home.

  • Crestron Custom is a totally customisable, completely personal system that is suited to those seriously high end projects with requirements that are seriously unique
  • Crestron Home is designed for medium to large sized homes looking to control lighting, shading, climate, access control and media.
  • Crestron Custom can be made to look and feel however the client wants it to with an infinite world of custom programming available via Crestron programmers and Crestron CSPs.
  • The look and feel of Crestron Home has been designed by Crestron’s own development team and has borrowed it’s aesthetics from the intuitive world of iOS applications.
  • Crestron Home is an ever evolving entity with monthly updates and advancements being pushed down from Crestron to open up new doors and opportunity for further integration.

What Are The Benefits To The Customer Of Crestron Home Over Crestron Custom?

Crestron custom is still a fantastic solution to those projects which require special solutions for special clients. It has been the mainstay of luxury automation for a very long time…But Crestron Home is equally special, here are some benefits to the customer:

  • It’s cheaper, for one. Crestron Home doesn’t need the hours and days of custom programming which always drove the cost of Crestron custom high.
  • It can be deployed, installed and programmed in a shorter time
  • It supports multiple homes from a single point of contact
  • It’s constantly evolving and improving, meaning updates and improvements can be pushed to the client quickly and regularly 
  • It was developed and designed using those intuitive iOS applications we all know and love as a starting point. So whatever device you control your system with, they all feel like you’re using a really well designed iPhone app.
  • It’s simple and easy to use
  • It just works, really well, all the time

Let's Have A Look At It

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

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