Luxury golf simulation rooms to love

Create your very own luxury golf simulation room to transfer you to anywhere in the world. A total multi-sensory experience.

The world of golf has seen a massive increase in popularity in 2020 and so has the rise of the luxury home golf simulator. Our luxury golf simulation rooms feature exuberant levels of luxury, cutting edge audio and video, reactive lighting and control and multi sensory  experiences such as scent and wind! …And they are of course fully equipped with leading levels of golf simulation technology from Trackman and SkyTrak.

AVAST Solutions go the extra mile to create an unrivalled golf simulation experience, including room scents to reflect the course you’re playing, interactive lighting and an all-round immersive experience.

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Bring your experience to life

Imagine a luxury space for you to escape the daily stresses of the world, our luxury golf simulators are so much more than just hitting a ball into a screen and tracking how far you hit it.

Awe-inspiring, a truly immersive experience for your own home.

Select your course from your market leading Trackman or SkyTrak system, watch the lighting in the room slowly transform to match the course you’re playing, feel the wind and even smell the scent of actually being on the course. That is a fully immersive golf simulation experience from AVAST Solutions

Ideal places for a luxury golf simulator
  • Basements
  • Lofts
  • Garages
  • Garden buildings
  • Dedicated builds
Our unique multi-sensory experiences
  • Cinema quality audio-visual solutions
  • Mood, hue and colour lighting systems to match the course you’re playing
  • Room scenting systems to smell the course you’re playing
  • Wind and breeze systems to add total realism to your game
  • Mechanically adjustable floors and lies to test you unlike ever before
  • Luxury touches and finishes to make our simulators extra special

Turnkey solutions from start to finish

An AVAST home golf simulator package doesn’t have to cost the earth – we create solutions for any budget.

Whether you’re after a totally immersive, multi-sensory experience with reactive lighting, room scenting and weather to factor in, or a simple experience, we work closely with you to understand what you want to achieve. We offer a totally turnkey solution incorporating design, specification, construction and installation. All you need to do is provide the space and we’ll do the rest.

Not Just A Swing Capturing System

Our golf simulation rooms are totally unique. They’re not just systems that measure how far you hit they ball, they are a luxury, totally immersive and multi sensory experience. As a sport, golf isn’t just about how far or accurately you hit the ball it’s also about the environment, the course and external factors. Only a luxury golf simulation by AVAST Solutions can re-create all of these factors allowing you to really improve your game and truly experience the course.  

Audio & Video To Wow

Key to our luxury golf simulators are our best-in-class audiovisual systems. Quality that wouldn't be out of place in a home cinema.

A True Luxury Facility

Our simulators are the epitome of luxury, designed to sit harmoniously in your interior design scheme. Not just a place to sneak away too, more a place to show off

Total Multi-sensory Experiences

We create truly four-dimensional simulators. From atomised scents, to reactive lighting and even real winds and breezes all designed to match the course you're playing.

Complete Turn-key Service

We offer a completely turn-key experience from design conception to installation and aftercare. We're not just installing equipment into an unused space, we're creating an immersive, wonderful experience for everyone to enjoy.

Design & Conception

  • Initial consultation.
  • Specification and system design.
  • Spatial and interior design.
  • Soundproofing consultation and installation.
  • Finishing touches and flourishes.


  • Construction of the space.
  • Cabling and installation.
  • Equipment installation.
  • Smart lighting installation.
  • Interior dressing.


  • Trackman and SkyTrak simulators
  • Cutting edge golf simulation technology.
  • Luxury lighting
  • Room scenting systems
  • 4K projectors and displays.
  • Immersive speaker systems.
  • Electronic ceiling recessed screens.
  • Electronic curtains and enclosures
  • Hidden projector housing.
  • Popcorn machines and beer pumps – because why not!

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