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Crestron Home OS3

Crestron Home Automation has for years been the market leader in controlling every element of your home. In 2019 comes Crestron Home | OS3 a revolutionary way of controlling your home with Crestron. AVAST Solutions specialise in giving you the power to control every facet of your home, through the design and installation of Crestron Home | OS3, the market-leading home automation solution. Think of Crestron Home Automation as the brain of your building, telling it what to do and when.

AVAST Solutions are specialist custom installers of Crestron Home | OS3 (formerly Pyng), the market-leading home automation solution designed to simplify the interaction with your house by bringing all your smart home technology under one umbrella in a way like never before with a revolutionary user experience.

Make your home, Crestron Home.

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The brain of the building

Crestron Home | OS3 unifies the smart home technologies we install and brings control of lighting, security, audio visual, climate and building management onto a single, beautiful, easy-to-use screen or controller which can be cascaded and expanded to control every room of the house as well as multiple home around the world…all from the palm of your hand.

Imagine turning on the TV in the lounge whilst the lights gently dim, checking the security cameras, locking the front door, and setting the temperature, all from the touch of a single button, on a single controller. That is Crestron Home Automation from AVAST Solutions. Let your imagination be your only limit.

Best in class products

AVAST Solutions are approved designers and installers of Crestron home automation systems and we’re proud to herald them as our partner brand. Crestron is the market leader in home automation products and is best in class across the board, with limitless possibilities for making your home infinitely smart and easily controllable.

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