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AV & Public Address Systems

Audio visual treatment is core to any modern retail or hospitality space. Distribute a world of streamed audio and a wealth of high resolution video throughout your space to create the perfect ambience and setting for your brand, restaurant or event space.

Audio visual solutions in the retail and hospitality sectors are crucial for customer satisfaction, user experience and brand awareness. Whether it’s ambient background music for shoppers as they browse, or distributed live video throughout a sports bar. AVAST Solutions can take care of all your retail and hospitality audio visual needs.

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Let audio create your mood

Distribute audio throughout your restaurant with multi zonal audio technology or provide simple background music to a retail space. The possibilities are endless with audio solutions from AVAST.

Multi room audio professionally installed and commissioned using the latest and best market-leading product solutions is what defines an audio system by AVAST Solutions. Whether you’re creating the perfect bar or restaurant ambience, or you want invisible ambient audio throughout the shopping environment, we can certainly help.

Distributed video & multi-use displays

Share blistering 4K content to multiple screens in a sports bar or retail environment using the latest IP based video distribution and easily create video walls, multiplexed video or a vivid retail display. These are ideal solutions for many outlets, such as bars showing multiple sports games, or a trendy fast food joint displaying a mixture of company branding and menus, or even a retail space that shows music videos and corporate promos.

AVAST Solutions provide the latest in audio video distribution perfectly suited to your business, so why not get in touch to discuss how we can help you create the perfect ambience for your space.

Our AV and public address services

  • Distributed audio
  • Distributed video
  • Video matrixing
  • AV over IP
  • Commercial screens
  • Video walls
  • POS display
  • Retail display
  • Ambient audio
  • Event audio
  • System design
  • System configuration
  • Cabling and installation
  • Existing system takeover
  • Turnkey service

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