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Nothing affects the workspace environment greater than lighting and shading. AVAST Solutions specialise in Lutron smart building lighting and shading designed to keep your workforce motivated and energised throughout the day.

Smart lighting and shading in the work environment is one of the most important things to consider when designing effective smart workspaces. In installing Lutron commercial lighting and shading, AVAST Solutions ensures you not only have a beautiful workspace but a highly effective and energy efficient one as well.

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Lutron smart lighting and shading

Lutron smart lighting and shading from AVAST Solutions creates beautiful, well lit environments with automated and simple to use interfaces. Using market-leading Lutron solutions we can automate your commercial lighting, improving your work environment’s productivity and energy efficiency.

Imagine a workplace where lighting levels are adjusted automatically to reflect the weather outside and time of day, or where the shades drop at the same rate as the sun to ensure you never have any glare. That’s Lutron smart lighting and shading designed and installed by AVAST Solutions.

Save energy through technology

Commercial buildings are subject to numerous energy saving control measures. Lutron smart lighting and shading designed and installed by AVAST Solutions can reduce your energy use by up to 60%, achieved by automatically dimming the lights when it’s bright outside, or dropping the shades on a sunny day to reduce heat gain and reduce the need for air conditioning.

Enquire with the highly experienced and friendly AVAST Solutions team to discuss Lutron smart lighting and shading in your commercial space.

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  • Cabling and installation
  • Existing system service
  • Existing system takeover
  • Lutron HomeWorks QS
  • Lutron Quantum
  • Lutron lighting
  • Lutron shading
  • Wireless options

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