Small Boutique Hotel

This project was for a small trendy boutique hotel company in the UK. We installed an array of media, control and automated lighting solutions to really boost their guests experience

Please note. Some images have been changed to protect the anonymity of the companies and their workplaces. Occasionally stock imagery has been used to do this. Full project photos, including before and after photos are always available on request and with the owners permission.


We were bought in to enhance the guest experience in the UK-based small boutique hotel. We did this by several ways; at the front of house we provided a suite of multimedia options for guests to enjoy from movie libraries, live TV and music stations all controlled via a simple to use, attractive automation system by Crestron. In the background we installed an automation system to streamline the control of the building. This included an integrated Lutron lighting system, CCTV and security installation all controlled by a simple to use Crestron automation system.

This installation bought a small, cosy, boutique hotel where to the naked eye the focus was on plush furnishings a delicious wines, into the 21st century improving the guest and staff experience to no end.


Location: UK

Size: N/A

Budget: > £70,000

Completion: 2017


Brands Used

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