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Smart Home Security

Smart security goes hand in hand with whole home automation and is becoming a key part of any installation. In the days where we use our fingerprints and facial recognition to access our emails, why don’t we apply the same level of technology to our homes? Well, AVAST Solutions do – we install market-leading security systems to keep your home and loved ones safe and secure when you turn off for the night.

In a world where criminals are using increasingly clever and technological tactics, the majority of security providers are playing catch up. But AVAST Solutions are leading the way in smart home security, employing many techniques and products tried and tested by top-line commercial and government bodies to ensure we’re always one step ahead of criminals – and even further ahead of our competitors.

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Home security starts outside the home

Gone are the days of home security equating to a poorly installed alarm that goes off every time the cat wakes up (if you even remember to turn it on in the first place), or a cheap CCTV camera that doesn’t even record properly.

AVAST Solutions’ security systems comprise of premier monitored elite alarm systems, remote monitoring, comprehensive security cameras, laser-based perimeter detection, motion detection, electronic door and window locking systems and a multitude of intruder alerts and deterrents.

We think it’s lunacy to wait for someone to enter the property before raising the alarm, which is why our systems are designed to deter and shock the intruder before they’re even within five metres of your driveway or garden, let alone entering your home.

Smart home security lets you rest easy

No family home wants to feel like a prison, but the unfortunate fact is that violent home invasions are on the rise. So our home security solutions are subtle in order to blend into the architecture of your property, but when they’re called upon, they’re anything but subtle.

Home security works in tandem with our full home automation packages. Imagine pressing “Night time” mode on your bedroom keypad, the lights dim, blinds slowly close and the house goes into lockdown mode – alarms set, perimeter motion detection enabled and the garden lighting set to strobe if anything untoward is sensed. You and your family can sleep tight.

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Our smart home security services

  • Market-leading monitored alarms.
  • Perimeter laser intruder detection.
  • Market-leading 4K security cameras.
  • Remote security monitoring.
  • Smart motion detection.
  • Electronic door locking and remote release.
  • Automated door and gates.
  • ANPR number plate recognition.
  • Bollards and vehicle protection.
  • Access control.
  • Security lighting.
  • Panic buttons and safe rooms.
  • Smart safes and asset protection.
  • Biometric security.
  • Home management incorporation.
  • Worldwide security system management.

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