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Smart Home Lighting & Shading

Smart lighting and shading systems are the cornerstone of any smart home installation. Flipping the preconception of lighting as an “on/off” entity, smart lighting gives your home lifeblood and a true sense of theatre and presence. Infinite control of your home begins with the ability to fade the whole building from on to off and vice versa with the single touch of a button.

AVAST Solutions are approved designers and installers of Lutron HomeWorks and Rako Controls lighting and shading systems, the de facto names in luxury lighting. Lighting design is, without question, as important as architectural and interior design – creative, luxury lighting of the home simply cannot be achieved with conventional lighting.

Smart lighting systems provide you with the opportunity to select scenes to perfectly complement the mood, time of day, actions and building occupation.

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Infinite options at the touch of a button

Imagine pressing “Evening” on your custom engraved lighting panel and watching the lights slowly dim to a warm glow in the seating area as you settle in to relax in front of a film, whilst the shades slowly drop to shut out the outside world. This is a smart lighting system designed and installed by AVAST Solutions.

Similarly, imagine pressing “Dining” on your brushed nickel custom engraved keypad and watching the kitchen lighting fade to off, and the pendant over the dinner table glow up as the garden lighting subtly fades on at sunset. That’s a smart lighting system installed by AVAST Solutions.

Finally, imagine pressing “Night time” as you go to bed: the whole house fades to off and the shades close as your house goes to bed too. Similarly, tap “Holiday” as you leave for a trip: every single light in the house is instantly switched off, but in the interests of security, certain lights turn on every night to give the impression that the house is occupied. Can your lighting do that?

Not just a luxury

Smart lighting isn’t just the luxury of scenes, moods and cascaded commands that control different elements around the home. Importantly a smart lighting system can save energy consumption by up to 60% compared to a conventional lighting system, producing a positive impact on the environment and your energy bills.

Smart lighting is synonymous with the smart home trend and houses with these systems see an average 17% increase in value compared to conventionally controlled homes.

Combined with smart shading, your home’s climate can be controlled to reduce the need to run air conditioning by filtering sunlight out of areas that traditionally get too hot in the summer months.

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